Who We Are

Meet Chris, Lacey, Christian, and Chandler. Chris works as an insurance adjuster with State Farm. Lacey just obtained her Juris Doctorate degree and plans to begin practicing in the areas of disability advocacy and education. Christian is in Kindergarten this year and learning to read braille. He also takes karate and recently earned his yellow striped belt. Chandler is the wild child of the family who loves cars and trains, outer space, and Star Wars.

Our Story

Christian was born on February 18th, 2011 with a birth defect so rare that there have only ever been around fifty documented cases. He is showing the world what it means to live a happy and meaning life despite his disability! Christian and his family are changing the face of disability and teaching others about living life through eyes of hope!

Meet the Buchanan Family


Chris Buchanan


Chris works in insurance and hopes to begin college in the fall!


Lacey Buchanan


Lacey is an attorney, author, and speaker.


Christian and Chandler Buchanan

The Rugrats

Christian is six and Chandler is three. They are rambunctious, fun, and will keep you laughing!

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